Who we are

I-COM Global helps companies with their business transformation to become a fully customer-centric and Smart Data Marketing driven enterprise. 

Smart Data Marketing is a term that we have created to describe a more holistic approach to marketing which covers not only the area of promotion but also product development and customer experience. These three areas are underpinned with a rich data-centric approach and that data should be shared, without silos, throughout these areas and across the entire company – from supply chain management to finance and beyond. 

For leading marketers, we see the next concrete step of this journey as the creation of a Direct Customer Relationship Programme, whether they are consumers or in B2B. The relationships can bring not only the important first party data which is needed to better understand the consumer and predict what they will want in future, but also provide a competitive advantage that cannot be easily dislodged once a real relationship is formed. Therefore, we see this as a race because those who create those relationships first will have a barrier to entry for competitors. With this firmly in mind, our 2019 Global Summit theme is ‘Race to the Direct Customer Relationship’. 

Part of what we are looking to explore is to delve into the essential elements in forming these relationships. Some initial discussions have revealed areas such as the importance of authenticity of the brand and the product. Within the user experience, key elements are convenience, utility and transparency of processes which could alleviate stress on the side of the customer. Within promotion, relevancy is high on the list. People don’t like receiving ads for things that they don’t need or where they feel that it is completely irrelevant.

I-COM’s mission is to help companies on this journey and assist the champions of transformation within these companies. We want to help them succeed and our focus is on the ‘how-to’. We do this in three ways – 

1) Forums 2) Competitions 3) Services. 

1) Forums

Our forums consist of 25+ groups working remotely on topics that we feel are essential for a company on this journey to be in touch with. We hold data meet-up events where members can meet in person over the course of a yearly cycle in cities where they live or work in. Once a year, we also produce a premium, invitation only Global Summit where the ‘who’s who’ of the Smart Data Marketing sector get together. 

It is very important to understand that the community that we have created is diverse because there are no official Smart Data Marketing Officer titles or roles within companies. There are people in different departments who need to collaborate for Smart Data Marketing to happen. For example a person could be a leader in the Marketing Sciences or a Data Scientist. They could be in research or have a role as a Chief Data Officer. They could also be a Marketing Executive, a CMO, a Director of Marketing or have a role within leading transformation or acceleration such as a Chief Digital Officer. The computer science and innovation areas are also important so our members could derive from the IT department or be based in product development. The most important thing is that the voice of the customer, whoever that is within the company, is well represented in the community.

2) Competitions

We offer competitions as a way of showcasing companies who are really pushing the needle of innovation in the Smart Data Marketing arena. Our Data Creativity Awards showcase projects which are delivering competitive advantage by creatively leveraging value from data to show what is fresh and innovative. 

Our Data Science Hackathons happen live on site before our Global Summit. They are a valuable opportunity for large brands to explore the best approaches to cutting edge challenges. We create a challenge, which can be accomplished in the timeframe, and yield breakthrough output for the brand and receive a whole variety of different approaches for the brand stemming from the diversity of the teams that we recruit. Also, companies benefit from our large network in terms of the creative sourcing of additional datasets, which can be both invaluable and exciting.

Our Data Startup Challenge showcases the top data startups with applications in the Smart Data Marketing arena from around the world. These companies can prove to be interesting new partners for our members and their body of work often gives an excellent understanding of the new technical solutions that are bubbling up on the horizon. 

3) Services

We offer matchmaking services, connecting companies within our community to explore collaboration. In addition, we connect those seeking employment from our community with our members who are hiring. We also offer PR support to promote relevant member news within our sector.

I-COM Global is a vehicle to help companies to achieve and maintain their position as a fully customer-centric smart driven enterprise that will thrive in the 4th industrial revolution.


Andreas Cohen
Founder & Chairman
I-COM Global