I-COM Global Past Events 

I-COM Global Summit Malaga 2019

Race to the Direct Customer Relationship


The 10th edition of the I-COM Global Summit took place on May 13-16th, 2019 in Malaga, Spain. At I-COM it is our mission to help companies with their business transformation to become a fully customer-centric and Smart Data Marketing driven enterprise.

See the photos and videos from the I-COM Global Summit 2019.

I-COM Global Summit San Sebastian 2018

Theme 'The Reality Disruption Field'


Another successful edition of the Hackathons & I-COM Global Summit took place in San Sebastian in April 2018. It was a clear indicator of the high commitment to Marketing Data & Measurement across the industry. That attendees considered how this new culture of disruption is influencing the formation of products & services throughout the Smart Data Marketing industry.

See the photos and videos from the I-COM Global Summit 2018.

I-COM Global Summit Porto 2017

Theme 'Data 2017: The Year of Change'

The 8th edition of the I-COM Global Summit took place in Porto in April 2017. From location-based data to Generation Z, the Summit delegates engaged in high level presentation sessions, roundtables and debates that delved into the current position, new challenges and future trends across the industry – alongside an integrated programme of gastronomy and fashion excellence.

See the photos & videos from the I-COM Global Summit 2017.

I-COM Global Summit Seville 2016

Theme 'Making Data Human'

The 7th edition of the I-COM Global Summit gathered 400 experts in Smart Data Marketing from 30 different countries in Seville, Spain. After a week of insightful presentations, innovative projects and a good dose of Spanish culture and fun, one thing was clear: in order to make data human, people need to be at the center of advertising and communication strategies. 

Download the 2016 Whitepaper, photos & videos.

I-COM Global Summit San Sebastian 2015

Theme 'Smart Data - The Value Driven Approach'

The 6th edition of the I-COM Global Summit took place from April 27-30th in beautiful San Sebastian. Our 2015 Summit was one of the most successful to date, bringing together the Smart Data Marketing Elite from around the world.

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I-COM Global Summit Seville 2014

From Rome, we took the I-COM Global Summit on its fifth edition to one of the most beautiful cities in the world — Seville, Spain. It was a unique opportunity for our community from around the world to work on the future of Digital Data & Measurement.

I-COM Global Summit Rome 2012

The 4th I-COM Global Summit was held on October 16-18th, 2012 in Rome, Italy.

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I-COM Global Summit Lisbon 2010

The 3rd I-COM Global Summit was held March 10-12th, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal and helped set a path towards “True Picture” while updating participants on the worldwide progress made on existing measurement initiatives. 

I-COM National Roundtable Portugal 2009

The I-COM under the patronage of Portuguese Joint Industry Committee, CAEM (Commission for Media Study Analysis) held a National Roundtable on November 26, 2009 in Lisbon at The Ritz. The goal of the event was to build consensus on market issues in Portugal and achieve new insights by examining them from an international perspective.

I-COM Global Summit Barcelona 2008

The second I-COM Global Summit was in Barcelona, Spain.

The focus was on connecting the silos of the new multitude of media channels provided by web2.0.

I-COM Global Summit Berlin 2005

The first I-COM Global Summit was held in September 2005 in Berlin, Germany. The focus of this summit was creating an overview of Internet Audience Measurement around the the world.