I-COM Attribution Council Output

The I-COM Attribution Council addresses best practice, latest innovations and suggests content on Attribution for the I-COM Global Summit. As part of their output, the Council will be publishing agreed concepts that help them work towards their goals.

Definition of Attribution

The I-COM Attribution Council defined the term Attribution as follows:

  1. Attribution is the measurement of the incremental value of marketing channels, strategies and tactics against business outcomes.
  2. Attribution should directly drive optimization of marketing to improve business outcomes.

Further clarifications include:

  • Business outcomes include sales, intermediate metrics to sales and brand metrics.
  • Marketing channels cover Digital and non-Digital.

Scope of Attribution for this Council

How a client/company defines “Attribution” is driven by how they’re going to use it:

  • Should be considered from both:
    • Tactical perspective – within channels
    • Strategic perspective – enterprise-wide

Questions in the Scope of Attribution:

  • From a strategic perspective:
    • How do I align my media dollars, across the year?
    • And, within each channel?
  • From a tactical perspective:
    • Within each channel, how do I optimise to achieve target CPA and incremental sales?
    • Which campaigns are most effective?
    • Which channels are influencers versus converters?
  • Impact on Brand attributes:
    • Intermediate metrics as proxy for sales/conversion
      • For example, in Automotive – brochure downloads
    • Other branding metrics coming from surveys (higher up the funnel)
      • Note: in FMCG, there is typically little/no direct online sales, thus these are brand metrics in the traditional sense (e.g. awareness, consideration, likeability, etc.), rather than sales proxies