AI Council

The number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-ups is growing rapidly, there are more and more conferences dedicated to the topic and we hear a lot about the big tech companies investing huge amounts of money in AI related developments. AI is emerging on many fronts and for the time being, although popular movies feature variations of General Artificial Intelligence, businesses leverage modularized narrow AI solutions. The increasing popularity did not necessarily help clarifying where AI starts and where it ends. Neither in terms of its constituent components, nor in terms of its actual potential. The constituent components are often elegantly ignored, and simple machine learning based approaches come advertised as AI. The actual potential and applicability is subject of and ongoing, in parts critical and in parts wildly speculative, discussion. AI causes hope and excitement as well as confusion and fear amongst businesses and in the general public. 

The use of AI in the digital marketing ecosystem calls for knowledge exchange and discussion and raises many relevant questions. What AI engines have proven useful for specific use cases, what expectations are realistic, what are typical misperceptions and challenges? What legal implications does the use of AI have and what ethical considerations are relevant?

The purpose of the AI Council is to provide a platform for this discussion and to share experience. Answers to the discussed questions will provide guidance on the subject matter for practitioners, industry bodies and companies. 

The Council meets every two months. All meetings can be attended online.

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Council Members